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This Halloween Knight

My Contribution

This Halloween Knight began as a solo project I did for a class called Interactive Storytelling. I created extensive documentation for a complete narrative from beginning to end, as well as documentation for nine different costumes that could be equipped and upgraded within the game's first chapter. For the project itself, I opted to use RPG Maker MV to give myself an excuse to learn JavaScript. The version of RPG Maker MV that I am using is heavily modified both via fan-made plugins as well as my own alterations. What I ended up creating was a three-hour long vertical slice of the game consisting of a Prologue/Tutorial segment and what would be the first chapter of a full game.

Because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received, I later decided to continue the game. I have since nearly finished the second chapter of the game. The game currently has 49 available costumes with 42 more currently in progress. I also recruited a producer, an additional designer, and two artists. Together, we have finalized all of the gameplay elements within the game's first chapter and have released it as a free-to-play demo.

As the lead on this project, I am in charge of managing this team alongside our producer. I also manage our newly created social media accounts for the project as well as our Patreon page.

All of the game's current graphics are placeholders. The artists that I am working with are working hard to replace these images gradually as we release more demos.

Position on Project:

Lead Designer & Writer

Time of Production:

September 2021 - Present


RPG Maker MV

Team Size:

5 Total

   2 Designers

   1 Producer

   2 Artists

Project Description:

A turn-based RPG in which characters transform into real versions of their Halloween costumes, altering their stats and abilities. This Halloween Knight follows the story of Arthur Ironheart and his friends as they try to reverse a mysterious curse that has fallen on their home. The story deals heavily with the theme of identity, including gender and racial identity. As the characters are literally trying on new identities with their costumes, they are also discovering themselves.



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