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RedZero & Knights of Yeet

My Contribution

For each of these game concepts, I crafted a first draft of a narrative bible, including initial plot outlines for the games' storylines. For Knights of Yeet specifically, I also worked alongside our other designer to concept many different objects that could be thrown and the different effects they would have.

Knowing that we wanted to do a narrative focused game, we decided that it was very important to have a fleshed out narrative bible for each of these one week prototypes. As such, I finished the majority of the narrative bible for each game. The only portions that still remained were some specific names of places and vehicles, as well as each character's section on their arc and design choices surrounding that character.

For RedZero, we wanted to do something in line with the movie Redline. We wanted something fast-paced and off-the-walls crazy, but still with some grounding in reality.

Knights of Yeet, on the other hand, was full-on insanity in terms of tone. Inspired by Monty Python sketches, we wanted to put players in ridiculous situations that made absolutely no sense, but were hilarious and fun nonetheless.

We ultimately decided to move forward with Mana Punch because our other two concepts were both too out of scope in terms of art required (since we only had one artist).

Position on Project:

Narrative Designer

Time of Production:

September 2020



Team Size:

6 Total

   2 Designers

   1 Artist

   2 Programmers

   1 Producer

Project Description:

Prior to beginning our capstone project, each team is required to spend three weeks prototyping three different concepts and then select one to move forward with.

RedZero is a racing game set in space inspired by both the movie, Redline, and the F-Zero franchise. The game would've had players complete time trials on massive "carkour" courses.

Knights of Yeet is a puzzle/adventure game in which the player can only fight by picking up and throwing objects that they find in the environment. The game's storyline would have utilized a Monty Python sketch style of storytelling, placing the player in bizarre situations with plenty of unusual objects to throw.

The game we decided to move forward with was Mana Punch.

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