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Mana Punch

My Contribution

Mana Punch was my team's capstone project. As such, our goal was to create a vertical slice of what could be realized into a full game if it was selected to move forward into the following semester. I was the sole narrative designer on this team and was later appointed as product owner about halfway through production.

As the narrative designer I was responsible for crafting a story that meshed thematically with the gameplay. I wrote extensive documentation on the narrative, as well as a complete dialogue script for what would be the first half of the game. In addition, I was also responsible for storyboarding cutscenes, and implementing the dialogue into the game.

For this narrative, I decided to tackle real world political issues through the lens of this fictional world. These included the imprisonment of victims, corruption of government, the struggles of veterans after war, drug abuse, and police brutality. By bringing these real world issues into this fantastical world, players were able to relate to the characters much more than they would've been able to otherwise.

I also worked alongside our other designer to concept arena levels which he built and on balancing the various spells present in the game.

Unfortunately, only 8 out of the 20 capstone games were selected to proceed and Mana Punch was not one of them. I was recruited onto Junkpunk Arena for the following semester.

Position on Project:

Narrative Designer & Product Owner

Time of Production:

September 2020 - November 2020



Team Size:

6 Total

   2 Designers

   1 Artist

   2 Programmers

   1 Producer

Project Description:

A third-person, action/brawler game in which the player character equips various spells to their body in order to augment their fighting abilities.

The player takes on the role of Eva Arianrhod, an incarcerated criminal who was arrested for unnecessary use of magic. She is now forced to fight with her magic for the public's amusement. But secretly, Eva and her fellow inmates are planning an uprising against the corrupt government that has been oppressing magical people for decades.



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