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Junkpunk Arena

My Contribution

I joined the team for Junkpunk Arena midway through production as the sole narrative designer. Prior to my joining the team, a small amount of narrative documentation was already completed, but the team had no definitive plans for how that narrative should be implemented into the gameplay.

I devised the concept of a mostly linear narrative progressed entirely by online play as a way to create a clear progression system for the player while still incorporating the amazing world that the previous designers had created.

Throughout production, I was responsible for writing all narrative documentation, as well as the all of the dialogue present in the game.


I was responsible for creating a cohesive tutorial alongside one of our programmers and our level designer. I worked closely with the two of them to craft a tutorial that both taught the player everything they needed to know about the game while simultaneously introducing them to the game's world and characters.

I also took charge of recruiting and working with voice actors for our game's trailer to make sure that each character's personality was properly conveyed. During this process, I also supervised one of our producers as they wrote the script for the trailer, which I was unable to do since I was too busy writing dialogue for the game itself.

Junkpunk Arena continued production into the summer of 2021. During this time, we planned on crafting an achievement system that was directly tied to an overarching narrative. I worked on implementing initial versions of these narrative elements and created initial documentation as well. But sadly, this feature had to be cut due to our programmers becoming unable to continue to work on the project for various reasons.

Position on Project:

Narrative Designer

Time of Production:

September 2020 - August 2021

(Joined December 2020)

Release Date:

August 31st, 2021



Team Size:

13 Total

   4 Designers

   3 Artists

   4 Programmers

   2 Producers

Project Description:

An arena combat game in which the player controls robots that they designed from various pieces of junk. The gameplay consists entirely of online competitive multiplayer in which the player's robots are pitted against each other.

Available now on Steam!



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