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Fruit Bowl

My Contribution

Written for my Screenwriting I class, I worked out a plan with the professor to write a script for a game, but stylized like a movie script. The scenes depicted (aside from fight scenes) would act as cutscenes in the game.

When writing this story, I wanted to take a handful of commonly used tropes (such as cults, corporate conspiracy, robots, monsters, etc.) and put a spin on them by mashing them together to create an unexpected story about overcoming and rejecting racist beliefs.

As one major example, I created the character of Billy Stem to showcase this transition. At the start of the story, Billy, while actively trying to avoid them, holds racist tendencies due to his upbringing. But he isn't really forced to confront this part of himself until he meets Mauro Friuli. Throughout their adventures, they become good friends and Billy is able to completely overcome that part of himself, despite his initial suspicions of Mauro. And even when Mauro's secret agenda is revealed to him, Billy demonstrates his growth. Even though he was right to distrust Mauro, he looks past that and understands that Mauro is a victim of the situations that life put him in and continues to help him.

In order to create an accurate depiction of the race relations present in the story, I worked closely with a friend of mine who is black. He reviewed and gave feedback on my writing many times throughout the semester-long project. Preferably, I would have liked to receive feedback from people who I don't know personally, but that wasn't a possibility due to time and travel constraints.

Position on Project:


Time of Production:

January 2019 - May 2019



Team Size:

1 Total

   1 Writer

Project Description:

A script for a theoretical turn-based RPG in which the player's party must use magical fruits to tame the mysterious monsters known as Hungry Faces. The story follows a young, white fruit salesman and former racist, Billy Stem, alongside Mauro Friuli, an old black war veteran with his own secret agenda. Blaming his poor position in life on everyone but himself, Billy is forced to confront reality as he is drawn into a massive corporate conspiracy that could destroy society as we know it. The storyline functions as a both metaphor and literal depiction of rejecting racist beliefs.

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