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Dewey's Dungeon

My Contribution

I joined the team for Dewey's Dungeon midway through production as the sole level designer. As such, I designed every possible room the player can encounter in the game and wrote up documentation for them as well. Each room is based on an area that you might find in a library, with some humorous aspects added as well to fit the tone of the game.

Unfortunately, due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic about a week after I joined, this game was never fully realized and our plans for it were cut back significantly. The same is true of our documentation, which isn't as in depth. Despite this though, we worked hard to create something we could be proud of with the limited resources we had.

Position on Project:

Level Designer

Time of Production:

February 2020 - May 2020



Team Size:

10 Total

   3 Designers

   2 Artists

   3 Programmers

   2 Producers

Project Description:

An endless dungeon crawler game in which the player can build their own dungeon from preset pieces. The player controls the titular Dewey, and origami warrior armed only with a sword and a magical book. By defeating monsters, Dewey can collect pages for his book to fill up the map as he progresses to the next floor of the dungeon.


Document Examples

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